Full-Service Creative

Some clients have a clear vision, while others need a little help getting there. Most production companies only shoot and edit. We do everything including high-level creative work (concept development, script writing), and vital pre-production logistics (casting actors, location scouting).

Turnkey Production

  • Full HD/4K Video Shooting
  • Editing/Post Production
  • Concept Development/Writing
  • Casting/Production Planning
  • Motion Graphics/Color Grading
  • Full Location Lighting/Sound
  • Voice Over and Music Sourcing

Aerial Video

BETA now offers aerial production services. When used strategically, Aerial footage can turn the ordinary into the awe inspiring, and make your video feel cinematic and expansive. With extensive knowledge to help you navigate local and federal guidelines, BETA can help you capture footage which gives your viewers a stunning new perspective.

We Shoot

  • Commercial & Industrial Video
  • Startup Explainer Videos
  • Product Marketing Videos
  • Interviews/Testimonials
  • Broadcast Packages
  • Crowdfunding Videos
  • Social Media Content
  • Ethnographic Market Research

A customized experience

No two productions are the same. Each shoot provides challenges unique to realizing its vision. Crew, gear and budget requirements vary wildly. Whether it’s a one day shoot in your office, or 2-week shoot spanning 3 continents, BETA will work with you to help design the optimal production that meets all your needs.


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San Francisco, CA
United States of America